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The skin tissue is heated by radio waves (RF), which has a thermal effect that overheats the collagen strands. They go through contraction once more, which makes their tension grow. You may have a revitalizing impact as a result.

A radio frequency (RF) technique is frequently referred to as a facelift without a scalpel. It is a non-invasive, risk-free process that lessens age symptoms and other skin flaws while also having an anti-aging impact.

Regardless of age, everybody who wants to maintain their appealing appearance is encouraged to use the radio frequency (RF) treatment.

Both younger and older women who desire to delay the outward effects of age, such as a degraded face oval, wrinkles, and drooping, may undergo the technique for anti-aging objectives.

The radio wave therapy's results were as follows:
• Improving skin tension decreasing skin sagging and reducing wrinkles.
• Obvious facelift of the neck, cleavage, and face.
• Increasing the face's oval shape decreasing the under-eye darkness.
• Lowering body fat, such as on the chin.
• Counteracting skin aging with an anti-aging action.
• Radio wave treatments have long-lasting results, so the skin can continue to appear better for a very long period.