Needle-Free Mesotherapy Galway

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Needle-Free Mesotherapy

An alternative to traditional needle mesotherapy is a method known as needle-free mesotherapy. Mesotherapy without needles likewise produces excellent effects, but there is no need to prickle the skin. One of the best ways to maintain youth and lessen the telltale signs of skin aging is through this procedure. Anti-wrinkle prophylaxis is the most typical prescription for needle-free mesotherapy because of this. With its aid, you can also get rid of the nasolabial fold, minimize previously present wrinkles, and get rid of unpleasant stains and discoloration. In addition to reducing the development of edema, this treatment tones the muscles and increases the lymphatic circulation processes.

• decrease of wrinkles and furrows
• increase in skin color and structure
• clear lifting results in moisturizing, firming, and skin regeneration